Learning Support and Programmes

To make sure our children are reaching their abilities we have a number of intervention programmes to support learning.

Yolanda Soryl - Early Words

The Early Words programme teaches children at their level, one to one, in a short daily fun lesson where not only a basic sight vocabulary is learnt, but children learn how to learn. 

Yolanda Soryl - Phonics

To be able to decode, children need a range of basic phonics strategies so they can easily work out new words in reading and spelling.

Firstly, they need to have good phonological awareness and be able to hear and discriminate sound, and hear rhyme and rhythm, alliteration and sound breaks. They need to be able to hear, read and write the phonemes of the English language. And they need to be skilled in blending and segmenting these phonemes for use in reading and spelling. To learn more about the programme press here.

Quick 60

The Quick60 is a prevention/intervention programme that ensures student success by: